General rules:

  1. You have to limit your FPS to 60.
  2. You have to set LSTK as an active crew.
  3. You can be in multiple crews unless they are rival racing crews.
  4. Follow standard racing etiquette, if you PIT someone wait for them to get ahead of you again.
  5. Respect your crewmates and your opponents.

Battle rules:

  1. You can choose up to 3 tracks for your battles.
  2. You can choose any car for your battles. (The challengers have to use the same or the ones you approve.)
  3. You can switch tracks anytime, except after getting challenged.
  4. You can only challange the same player once a week.
  5. You can only challange the player directly above you.
  6. You can have your own takes on your own battles. (Cops, Traffic, Rain, etc.)
  7. Both of the player have to agree on a date and time for the battle.
  8. Winning all of the races will grant you your rival"s position on the list.
  9. Not showing up to the battle will result in a lose.