This is the official website of the Los Santos Touge Kings crew,
A small Racing community whose main focus is Grand Theft Auto: Online.

Our inspiration was the Japanese 'Touge' style of racing, hence our name and our commitment to clean racing. The crew was founded on the 10th of October in 2016, though we officially started it up a year later, in June, of 2017.
People have asked why we chose GTA and not any of the other 'real' racing games. To put it simply, there are many reasons to pick a game like this;From the car customization and gameplay to it’s open world elements. We believe there is no other such game out there (at least so far) that integrates the same mechanics, customisation, and attention to detail as well as Rockstar Games’ flagship product does.

First of all, the game has a huge number of vehicles, almost 500 to be precise. In terms of numbers, the only game that could be compared in this case is Gran Turismo, which sadly has always been a PlayStation exclusive title.
Another key point is the customisation. The majority of the cars in the game have a great number of options to choose from, when it comes to visual customisation such as bumpers, spoilers, bonnets, et cetera. Of course, there are games with an even greater amount of options / items such as Need for Speed (2015), but do keep in mind that Grand Theft Auto is a sandbox game.
Finally and most importantly, the community. You may at first find this funny or odd, considering the game has it’s fair amounts of 'griefers', 'trolls' and so on, but in spite all of that, in order to truly appreciate this gem of a game, you have to look past that and find the 'real' community we are talking about. Everyone from RolePlayers, Racers and Heist crews, to Photographers, Machinima makers, and so on. Once you find a community that suits you, your view and opinionst of the game will change entirely. It certainly did for us, there really is far more to this game than senseless killing and stealing cars. LSTK’s community is for the people who are into competitive racing and Touge.

We hope to see you on the streets ;)

Our Trailer: